Pat Conway
U.S. Army, 1968-1970
"Reflecting on experiences in Vietnam during the war, drug use by soldiers, and attitudes of Americans towards soldiers returning home"

Joseph Franke
Army Air Corps,1942-45
"Little Blitz of London"

Lowry Henley
U.S. Army Field Artillery, 1944-1945
"Being a Forward Observer in the European Theatre"

Walter Straight, Staff Sergeant
U.S. Army, 1944-46
"17 Weeks of Basic Training"

Otis Wheeler, Jr., Lieutenant
U.S. Navy, 1943-45 and 1948-52 
"Christmas Day in Japan"

Ralph Dobbs, Captain
U.S. Marine Corps, 1942-46
"Getting the News of President Roosevelt's Death"

Robert Weinberg, Captain
U.S. Army Air Force, 1942-1943
"Being shot down, captured by German forces and imprisoned in the Stalag Luft III prisoner camp"

Nicholas Kundert, Sergeant E5
U.S. Marine Corps, 2002-2006
"The Problem of Mortars"

Missouri Veteran Stories

Full-length Veteran interviews are available at The State Historical Society of Missouri (see inventory of interviews [PDF]  here). If you are looking for a specific Veteran's interview page, please check the Veterans History Project database. Please note though that it often takes six months or more from the day the interview is sent to the Library of Congress until the interview/biographical page is available from the national Veterans History Project database.

Below are featured clips from some of the Veteran interviews that have been completed through the Missouri Veterans History Project.

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University of Missouri - St. Louis

​Veterans Studies Program